Wood Polymer Composites Board Suppliers

Wood Polymer Composites Board Suppliers

Wood Polymer Composites behave like wood due to 70 percent cellulose content. At the same time, they are extremely moisture-resistant and rot resistant.E3 Wood is a renowned name among Wood Polymer Composites Board Suppliers. Wood Polymer Composites are widely used for decking, cladding, park benches, fencing, Gates etc. Now-a-days, it is also being used for door frames, gates, trim and furniture.

WPC Boards: Marching towards eco-friendly ways

Counted among the top Wood Polymer Composite Companies in India, we offer a wide range of Wood Polymer Composites boards, which find application in construction of building and furniture designing industries. The boards are made by combining wood and plastic fibers with the help of modular machines as per the industry norms. Moreover, we ensure that Wood Polymer Composites Boards are checked for their quality before being supplied.

Salient features of WPC boards are moisture & water resistant, termite proof, minimal maintenance, corrosion free, durable and absolutely reliable. E3 Wood being a renowned manufacturer and supplier of WPC boards ensures that all products fulfill these features and meet clients requirements.

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