Wood Polymer Composite Companies in India

Wood Polymer Composite Companies in India

Wood Polymer Composites (WPC) is a mixture of materials that contain wood and thermoplastic substances. It is the best alternative for wood. Being environmental-friendly, E3 Wood is one of the largest Wood Polymer Composite Companies in India. E3 Wood has set new standards in the production of Wood Polymer Composites Board Suppliers (WPC) in India.

WPC- A material of the future!

Wood Polymer Composites being the best alternative for wood, has emerged as a material of the future. Wood Polymer Composites is generally made up of a fine wood powder (cellulose based fiber fillers such as hardwood, softwood, mixed with plastics (PP). Additives such as master batches, coupling agents, stabilizers, reinforcing agents, and lubricants are added to give the desired shape.

E3 Wood, a leading player in WPC industry, understands the technical aspects of manufacturing, supplying and installing composite products. E3 Wood offers a truly sustainable building solution to the market.

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