WPC Doors in India

WPC doors in India

In the quest to save nature, WPC products are gaining popularity. WPC is a 100% substitute for wood and is a completely eco-friendly product. The extremely demanding market has won over the quality and durability of WPC doors in India. E3 Wood is gaining recognition as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of WPC products in India.

Materializing Tomorrow's Wood: WPC Doors

E3 Wood is a pioneer in manufacturing eco-friendly WPC doors in India. These doors are available in several sizes as per your requirements. These are termite & pest proof and moisture resistant. These WPC doors have already earned acclamations from hotels, offices, houses and other analogous places.

Advantages of Eco-friendly WPC doors:

  • Lightweight structure
  • No crakes and splitting
  • Durable and high tensile strength
  • Easy installation without carpenter
  • 100% recyclable with the advantages of high density, high stability and insulation.
  • Eco-friendly and energy-saving material
  • Due to its durability; it is widely used in dry as well as in a coastal area. WPC doors have a uniform thickness throughout without undulations.