Eco-friendly WPC Door Frame

Eco-friendly WPC Door Frame

Looking for eco-friendly WPC door frame ? E3 Wood brings to you the best quality Wood Polymer Composites door frame. These are made from premium quality wood and resins after extensive R & D. Due to its durability; it is widely used in dry as well as in a coastal area. WPC door frame have uniform thickness throughout without undulations.

A Substitute to Wooden & UPVC Door Frame

Many entrepreneurs in WPC business have tried to imitate the original wood Polymer composite, but E3 Wood is a pioneer in manufacturing WPC Window Frame in Hyderabad. These frames are available in several sizes as per your requirements. These are termite & pest proof and moisture resistant. These WPC door frames have already earned acclamations from hotels, offices, houses and other analogous places.

Advantages of Eco-friendly WPC door Frame:

  • Light weight structure
  • Ensure no crakes and splitting
  • Durable and high tensile strength
  • Easy installation without carpenter
  • Eco friendly and 100% recyclable
  • E3 Wood invites you to explore the superior qualities of our eco-friendly WPC door frames. Discover more about these sustainable solutions at or contact us directly at +91-8041735691 or +91-8722206921. Experience durability, sustainability, and innovation with E3 Wood's WPC door frames.